Experimental Silver Casting – 2 days

2 Day Course



This exciting course will introduce you to the experimental silver casting technique which you will use to create original designs. You will begin a casting process known as a Delft Casting where an object is pressed into sand to create an impression. Molten silver is poured into the impression and, once cooled, a silver piece is removed from the sand and is ready to be finished and polished. The casting process is ideal for creating very detailed jewellery pieces and, in addition to using a wax jewellery piece, you can use a number of found objects to cast. These include metal objects, small sea shells, bones, small plastic objects, buttons, sweets, etc.


In addition to this technique, you will have a chance to experiment with other types of casting processes, including water casting, and casting in grains and stones. Throughout this course, you will have many opportunities to experiment with molten metal not only in the casting process, but also by melting metal and sculpting it into shapes. This is a engaging process that produces excellent results.

  • how to use carving and cast in cuttle fish
  • how to to sand cast
  • how to create original designs from casting in grains, rocks and water
  • how to prepare casting materials
  • how to cast in molten silver
  • how to finish and polish silver castings
  • the casting materials are include in the course fee however the silver is not included. You can either buy silver from us or bring your own (Optional: You can bring a few small objects no larger than 3cm to cast)

£245 (plus materials)




Course completion certificate on request

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