The Student’s Guide

The Student’s Guide

We love welcoming new students to VS Jewellery School and more than anything we want everyone who studies here to feel welcomed and excited to begin their course. If you’ve never studied at the school before, this little guide is made specially for you! Here are 5 of our most helpful tips for all the new students out there:

1) Visit Jewellery Supply Shops

Luckily for you, our location, Hatton Garden, is the heart of London’s jewellery quarter, making it the most convenient place to buy jewellery supplies. The street is full of shops where you can buy wire, metal, stones, toolkits and much more. If you’re looking to explore Hatton Garden and see what kind of jewellery supplies are out there, or looking to buy something of your own, don’t be afraid to check out some of these shops! Staff are friendly and we’re always there to answer any questions you have about these shops as well. Those that you may want to check out or be aware of include


A wholesaler selling everything under the sun related to jewellery, from silver sheet to files and chains. You can look into their products before you visit the store through their website


This is another great shop that sells everything under the sun related to jewellery.  Again, you can check out Bellore’s products on their website and you may wish to subscribe to their newsletter for updates on new product releases and any offers.

Just Castings

This is one to know about if your course includes wax carving. Just Castings cast your wax carvings into silver. While your tutor will handle the casting process for you, it might still be useful to know about this part of the process in case you’re interested in wax carving in the future!

2) Explore Your Surroundings

The school is only a two minute walk from Leather Lane Market where you can buy from all sorts of delicious food stalls. There’s also a range of cafés for you to try out, so you’ll never be stuck for somewhere to go on your lunch break! We’d love for you to explore your surroundings during your course, get a feel for the Hatton Garden area and have fun finding your favourite new food stall.

3) Learn from Previous Students

Before you begin your course, it might be a good idea for you to draw some inspiration from previous students’ work. All students’ work can be found on the school’s website at Often, previous students pop into the studio from time to time so feel free to ask questions, learn from them and see the kinds of jewellery they’re working on today!

4) Explore the Studio

The studio itself has a lot of stuff you can learn from. You can check out some current diploma’s students’ sketchbooks, see the design experiments from other classes, and if you’ve got time, have a look through some of the jewellery making books we’ve got available.

5) Keep up to Date

Before you begin the course, a great way to keep up to date with us and see what’s going on in the studio is to follow our Instagram at We post pictures from our classes as well as inspiration and creative posts. Of course, you should keep up with this blog too as we’ll be regularly posting jewellery tips, tricks and lots of other useful info!

We would love to hear from you. What would you like to see us write about? Leave a comment below and let us know! 

– VS Jewellery School –


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